Wine Bloggers’ Favorite Websites

Wine Bloggers’ Favorite Websites

Wine blogs provide comprehensive coverage of the industry, including the latest trends, industry news, and new inventions.

Passionate wine bloggers are sharing their conversational, emotional, and unvarnished opinion to connect with the audience, as the love for wine is bursting across the internet. Anyone interested in wine news, reviews, the latest wine discovery, wine investment, or learning about soils, grape types, food and wine pairing may find it all under one roof, as someone somewhere is expressing his emotions about wine.

Fernando Beteta

Master Sommelier Fernando Beteta, a blog designed for wine fans where he discusses his deep-rooted enthusiasm for wine, believes that being a sommelier is more of a lifestyle than a profession. Beteta studied Hotel Management and worked at high-end hotels in Europe and Thailand as an apprentice. When a sommelier position at NoMI at Chicago’s Park Hyatt became available, he chose to modernise his career. He went on to study for the Master Sommelier exam, which he passed six years later. Beteta has won the following awards:

In 2005, 2006, and 2007, l’Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs (an association that specialises in the appreciation, understanding, and study of wines, spirits, and other beverages) named him Best Young Sommelier Midwest.

In 2009, he came in second place in the Best Sommelier in America competition.

Named Guatemala’s Person of the Year in 2009.

Sommelier studies, wine maps, an assortment of papers about blind tasting, and soil types for wine can all be found on his website,, which might be useful for tests.


It shouldn’t be stressful to try to understand wine, should it? VinePair provides easy-to-understand, interesting, and inspiring content about wines and the experiences they should have with them. “How to Find High-Quality, Low-Alcohol Wine?” “Best Wines 2018,” “What’s your 2019 drinking resolution?” and more articles may be found on their blog.


The Wine Wankers

You’re in for a treat, aren’t you? Conard and Drew are Australian wine bloggers who refer to themselves as the “anti-wine wanker brigade, seeking to make wine more approachable” since they bring a lot of fun to the table. It’s good to hear they’re not into “churning out mind-numbing descriptions about wine.” “Can Sommeliers Make Better Wine Than Winemakers?” is one of their articles. A few blogs include “The Business of Economy Class Wine.” WW is one of the most popular wine blogs, with a large following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress.


Tim Gaiser

He is a well-known wine specialist and lecturer around the world. The former director of Education and Education chair for the Court of Master Sommeliers, and one of the most prestigious individuals to achieve the rare Master Sommelier win designation. Tim has taught hundreds of students, from beginners to professionals, throughout the course of his 25-year career. He presents his ideas in a classy manner, with high-quality writing and images.


Wine Folly

The objective of Justin, Madeline, and Chad is to allow individuals to explore the numerous facets of the wine industry. Follow their video episodes if you’re short on time and want a quick review of grapes, tasting, and wine regions. This is an excellent resource for learning more about wine styles, varietals, and locations.


Started as a personal initiative, it has grown into a recognised source for non-mainstream wine journalism. Wine news, wine reviews, wine event coverage, and editorial content about the wine industry can all be found on Alder Yarrow’s website. It is one of the most well-known wine blogs on the web.

Cult Wine

From around the world, everything you need to know about wine investment. Buying, selling, guidance, and the latest wine investment news are all available on one website. The staff is passionate about recognising and investing in excellent wine, and they provide their clients with truly individualised service.

Jamie Goode

Jamie Goode is a wine columnist for The Sunday Express, a leading newspaper in the United Kingdom. He is a flavour aficionado. Wine reviews, wine photos, producer profiles, and other industry content may be found on the wine blog His website is intended for both novices and wine connoisseurs.

John Jordan

A wine, cuisine, vineyard, and winery video blog. Through movies and images, they provide practical ideas, travel advice, and behind-the-scenes experiences. The annual Wine Blog Awards have recognised the Journey of Jordan blog, which includes:

Best Photo/Video on a Blog in 2014, The Best Winery Blog of 2013, Best Photo/Video on a Blog in 2013, Best Winery Blog in 2012, Best Wine Video in 2015 Born Digital Wine Awards, and a finalist in Wine Spectator’s Lights! in 2013 and 2011. Camera! Pour! Contest for video submissions


Snooth is a wine-lovers’ community. It’s a comprehensive internet wine destination with numerous wine evaluations and expert recommendations. With Snooth’s daily newsletter, wine search, and interactive wine tools, users may communicate with wineries, stores, fellow wine lovers, and professionals from all around the world. There are numerous articles and reviews on every aspect of wine. There are articles about wine regions, wine and food, wine varietals, the wine lifestyle, and so on.…