The New Affordable Wine Preservation Tool (I LOVE IT!) is the Coravin Pivot.

The Coravin Pivot was kindly supplied to me to try out (thank you so much to the wonderful folks at Coravin for this chance!)
– and, like the Coravin Model 6, I fell head over heels in love with it right away.
I’m completely smitten with this new ‘wine toy’, from unboxing to pouring the wine to sipping the same wine a few weeks later (and it still tastes exactly like it did the first night!).
Because it combines Coravin’s award-winning patented technology with affordability, I have no doubt it will be on many wine enthusiasts’ Christmas lists this year.
Interested in learning how to utilise the Coravin Pivot? Here’s a video I made especially for you:

Let’s take a closer look at the Coravin Pivot and see if it’s perfect for you: What does the Coravin Pivot do?
In a nutshell, it’s a wine preservation system that extends the life of your wine. In fact, the Coravin Pivot can extend the life of your wine by up to four weeks when used properly. The technology works by blanketing the wine with argon gas to protect it from oxygen (which kills the wine).
Is argon gas a safe gas to use?

Yes! It’s entirely risk-free. It’s ‘nontoxic and mostly inactive’ in tech lingo. This is food-grade argon gas used in the winemaking process. Yes, at the end of the bottling process, winemakers inject argon gas to avoid oxidation and retain the wine’s quality.
How long will your wine stay fresh with the Coravin Pivot?
Up to four weeks Yay! Because you don’t want to drink it all at once, throw the remaining half of the bottle down the sink.
Is it simple to operate?
It’s so simple! You simply read through the Quick Start Guide, as illustrated in the image below, and then you’ll be ready to pour your first glass. The instructions are simple to understand and follow.
To use the Pivot Stopper, remove the screw cap or cork from the bottle and replace it with the Pivot Stopper. The Pivot device is then inserted, the bottle is tipped, and the wine is dispersed by pressing the Pivot device’s back button. Once the bottle has been filled, close the stopper and store it somewhere cool and upright. That’s it!

When would you employ a Pivot wine preservation system?
It’s the ideal device to use if you don’t want to drink the entire bottle right away and want to keep the rest fresh for later. Perhaps you want to pair different wines with different courses for an at-home degustation menu, perhaps you want to try a wine to see what might be a suitable food pairing with other foods, or perhaps you’re a wine blogger like me and want to take notes and then finish the bottle later. There are numerous explanations for this.
What is the cost of a Coravin Pivot?
The Pivot costs $185, while the Pivot+ costs $230. The Pivot+ includes the Pivot Aerator attachment, which you can see in the photo below.
I’m hoping for a separate sale of the attachment so I can get it for my Pivot.

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